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This page contains links to various websites that may
be of interest to Clan Buchanan members.  The CBSI
does not endorse, recommend or accept any
responsibility for the content of any of these sites.
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Tartan: Each Clan's tartan has become an iconic
symbol of 'family'.  This website has examples of
the many distinctive Buchanan tartans.
The idea of Clanship is specific almost only to
Scotland.  This web site has information on how
Clans became such a powerful force in Scotland.
The Buchanan Society in Scotland is the oldest
Scottish Clan Society on record having been
formed in 1725.  Their membership is limited to
only four Septs of the Buchanans.  The CBSI
recognizes the more accepted list of Septs - See
our list HERE.
The Clan Buchanan Y-DNA Project to determine
which branch of the Clan your family is
genetically closest to.
Jo Graham - Scottish Genealogist and Family
Historian.   Offers an experienced and
enthusiastic Scottish family history research
Website containing various Buchanan Coat of
Arms edited by Claude Buchanan - CBSI Herald.
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The official website of the
Clan Buchanan Society International, Inc.
A website and forum for the Clan Buchanan in
Australia and Oceania.