Clan Buchanan Society
International, Inc.
Region 1 - New England
This is the website for the New England
Region of the Clan Buchanan Society
International Inc.

The CBSI was formed in 1970 as the
Clan Buchanan Society in America at the
Grandfather Mountain Games in North
Carolina.  Later the name was changed
to the Clan Buchanan Society
International Inc. to reflect the Society's
new expanded membership and purpose.

The Society is divided into fifteen
regions.  Region 1 serves the New
England Area.  The Commissioner for
Region 1 is David Byrne.

For information about the
Clan you can contact him at

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Information on the Clan Buchanan Society International, Inc.
Link to Claude Buchanan's incredible web site on
the Clan Buchanan Arms and Badges.
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Author: David J. Byrne
President and New England Commissioner CBSI
Ancient legend and early histories of
our clan first place our forebears on
the shores of Loch Lomond in
Scotland in the year 1016 A.D.
Background border is one of the beautiful
Buchanan Tartans
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September 21-23, 2018
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